10-year-old girl

Do you know what a 10-year-old girl lived in a village a century ago?
Can you imagine at least half of these things being done by some of the children today?

  • babysit with younger brothers and sisters (feed them, drink, swaddle them, entertain them – from morning to evening);
  • bring firewood, clean the oven, drown it;
  • bring water from the well;
  • cook porridge, bake pancakes, cook vegetables, make pies and other pastries, cook kitties;
  • knocking down the oil;
  • set on the table, wash dishes;
  • sweep the floor, wash and clean the shops and floor;
  • shake and clean the half;
  • spice, weave, embroidery, knit;
  • wash and strip the laundry on the river, hang it;
  • clean the bed (including shaking);
  • change the beam, candles, clean the kerosene lamp;
  • feed and drink all pets and their cubs;
  • collect chicken eggs;
  • milking a cow;
  • plant, polish and water the garden;
  • collect berries, mushrooms, herbs and dry branches in the forest;
  • clean the harvest in the garden and in the field;
  • Paste a cow, goat, geese, ducks;
  • drive copies on a horse on a hay cake;
  • drive away the fish….
    And that’s not all! Some children’s responsibilities are not easy to describe because we never did or even saw.
    For example, a girl of 10 years helped adults make kizaki – special fuel for stove. Or flax was flipping. Again – specially prepared threads, from which then weaved. More than half a hundred things to do! It’s not in vain that people say: ′′ My daughter is ten years old – there’s nothing to do with her mother “. It’s like in the sentence of Pavel Bazhov’s ′′ Silver Hoof ′′ – Grandfather Kokovanya took Darenka’s girl. And she ′′ cleaned up in the election, cooked porridge and cooked porridge “. But it was ′′ sixth year ′′ – that is, only five years! When grandfather and Daria went to the forest, she imposed a ′′ knot on herself. I took the doll a dress, a bundle of threads, a needle and a rope “. And I was not afraid to live alone in a hut for several days.

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