‘100% diverse’ means ‘no White Folks’.

Written by Anonymous

Let us start with a popular rant:

If there were was a one hundred percent white council, there would be calls for diversity, but if the council was one hundred percent black, there would be no calls for diversity. One hundred percent of any one non-white race, and no-one calls for diversity. Diversity is code for lack of whites. The more severe the lack, the better to liberals. Even white liberals. Are they crazy?! Don’t they know that the people (((they))) teach to hate whites will hate them too? Better listen before it’s too late. You will not hear of a non-white country complaining that they are not diverse enough. The point of ‘diversity’ is just to eliminate the white race. No one ever says China is too Chinese or the African continent is too African. Diversity is government sanctioned racism/discrimination couched as civil rights.

The anonymous author, operating against political correctness and censorious ‘hate speech’ laws aimed at people with his commonly whispered standpoint has a point. No one calls for more diversity in Asian or African countries. There is no net migration to Asian or African countries because no one wants to move there. The places people want to move to are the ‘developed’, English speaking countries, which happen to be (mainly) white countries. ‘Diversity’ has become ‘doublespeak’ for discrimination against the white heterosexual Christian majority in Europe, Canada, Australia and the USA. This discrimination is not in the definition of diversity, but certainly in practice. Euphemisms have developed. Older people speak of “the good old days”. This refers to the days when Western Christian philosophy dominated culture. People have been conditioned to be pc – ‘politically correct’. Praise of Western culture causes the ‘liberals’ wave the moralistic fist and shout the conversation down if it falls outside of their cultural Marxist agenda. No one ever says China is too Chinese or the African continent is too African. Diversity is government sanctioned, media backed racism and discrimination couched as civil rights.

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