America fakes evidence to invade countries.

Written by AndyChalkley

The invasion of Iraq occurred on false pretexts. Our side tortured of citizens that did not accept our invasion. How might our troops be treated when captured in future? Countless innocents were murdered through drone strikes, and we get upset at bombs placed in our country. The senseless violence has damaged American and our credibility around the world. Countries such as China only need to ask: “Who is the real aggressor in the world?” If the West mentions charges of genocide in China, they can simply point to the slaughter of Iraqis and ask: “Where were the WMD?” The rest of the world can say: “America fakes evidence to invade nations.” It is now difficult for the West to mention ‘human rights’ because the retort contains a reference to Abu Ghraib.

We have been propagandized to think that the power of America and the West is based on principles rather than bombs. In reality, we use bombs and ignore principles. We kick down doors, throw stun grenades and ask questions latter. Troops carry disused guns to throw at the side of the dead to claim ‘acts of aggression’. Our enemies know this but our propagandized citizenry are kept gullibly ignorant. Any person that supports the use of bombs on civilian areas has no moral standing. Such person has no authority to dictate to others. We have no rights to impose our will on others whilst we support ‘might is right’ and the slaughter of civilians. We will never be accepted by nations that are dealt death blows to bring them under our influence. Just as the Muslim invaders of India made mountains of the skulls of the Hindus and population of India, ensuring that the Hindus will never trust the Muslims. This is not the ‘British Empire’ where, by and large, trade, infrastructure, law and order were enhanced by the British. The British are generally not hated in their former colonies. They are not reviled like the lobbyist controlled Americans. I’ll let you work out who controls the lobbyists and corporations.

America spent trillions in Iraq, Afghanistan and its other petty warmongering causing a weakening of America. In the meantime, its significant adversary, China developed a powerful manufacturing base along with a supportive financial system, unlike the parasitic usurious American system. China has a network of ‘Public Banks’ lending at affordable rates to all levels of economic activity which contrasts to the shenanigan’s of Wall Street plundering all levels of society from state pension schemes to cancer sufferers.

The way Afghanistan collapsed like a house of cards in the wind shows all that the blood and money spent over two decades was an epic con-job. The Afghanistan squander was a much longer exercise than the Vietnam adventure. At least Vietnam took a few of years to collapse. Afghanistan took days,

If it is the case that China is building up for war in the Western Pacific, we cannot allow the self-interest of those that influence both major political parties to govern us. If those that control China invoke a war with those that control our political system, our discredited war machine will have to deal with someone close to our own size, which is something we have not done for a long time. That is a daunting situation. We need to measure up by being true to our principles. We never voted on previous wars. Neither American political parties states that it is anti-war and neither do our political parties. Both parties support the usury of the ‘debt banking system’. Both parties go to war based on the propaganda of the main-stream-media, irrespective of the views of the people. Both parties treat war as if it is above the significance of the people to decide. This is not a government ‘of the people and by the people’. As soon as there is one lobbyist in the political corridors, that one lobbyist has more power than the totality of the voters in the nation. The power of the people is a myth and stands no influence against the combined corporate influence of pharma — “The only reason one would vacc!nate a child is because one believed in child abuse” — Dr Vladimir Koshenko, the so called ‘Military Industrial Complex’ — “Iraq has WMD”, the Jew!sh lobby — another few billion for Israe!, and endless concessions for the wealthy.

Eisenhower Farewell Address – Military Industrial Complex.

Eisenhower’s key words for avoiding problems were “an alert and informed citizenry”! This, we do not have and we are unlikely to have in the near future. He warned: “The possibility for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist…”

President Kennedy’s Final Address to the United Nations General Assembly.

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