Australia’s voting system doesn’t safeguard against multiple voting.

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Foo Ling makes a damning indictment of our voting system with this comment:

During the last election in the seat of Warringah, Get Up were sending bus loads of people to all the polling booths in the electorate to vote multiple times (using I.Ds of people in the electorate) for Zali Steggle. (Everyone could see it with their own eyes, but couldn’t do anything about it). The system can only pick up the multiple voting AFTER the counting – but the multiple votes are still counted. The solution is photo I.D must be shown when a voter gets their name marked off the electoral role.

It was also summed up by this historical figure:

“Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.”

Joseph Stalin

Sky News host Peta Credlin says it “beggars belief” to see Australia’s voting system is still maintained by paper lists and hasn’t transitioned to implement a digital copy of the roll to safeguard against multiple voting. The Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters, led by Senator James McGrath, issued a report on the 2019 election and called for the implementation of an electronic electoral roll in time for the next election. Ms Credlin said an electronic electoral role would prevent people from being able to vote at multiple booths. “When some marginal seats come down to less than 100 votes, multiple voting could be the difference between government and opposition,” Ms Credlin said. “And when our lives now are run by digital this and electronic that, it beggars belief that our voting system is still maintained by paper lists, of who can vote in what electorate, and in terms of voting more than once, it’s farcical. “I mean there’s nothing to stop me voting again and again in a key marginal seat because by the time I’m caught, if I am, the seat is decided and we know that despite dozens of cases of multiple voting in the 2016 election, not one person was ever convicted.” “Having each polling booth equipped with a digital copy of the roll, so that when I vote at one polling booth I am then marked off the digital roll in every other polling booth, is common sense; and to be honest, most Australians listening to me tonight would be asking why this isn’t in place already”


Julia Godfree
We definitely need to show ID when voting.

Sarah Ward
I’ve been saying this for years. How else could I have been asked for a please explain why I voted twice – once on the Atherton Tablelands and the other in South East Queensland. Needless to say, I only voted once, so who else voted in my name? That was obviously a vote that was counted since it couldn’t be identified out of the rest!

Guy Reece
The Queensland state government brought in a new law allowing prisoners to vote in state elections for the first time – a few months before the election.

Trev Hames
Paper can be audited. Digital this and electronic that can be frigged.

FutureTech X
Have both digital and paper. The digital as in multiple votes throws out query that you voted somewhere else. Now that gets investigated and checked on the paper trail.

Guy Reece
You need people to show a drivers licence before voting.
You want to vote ? Get off your arse and go and visit the local transport office and get the ID they give non drivers.

True South

  1. You are required to prove identity when enrolling onto the electoral role.
  2. That being the case, you already have the suitable identification to present to the polling official on voting day.
  3. Once your identity is established, your name is marked off the digital electoral role and for all intents and purposes, you are now deemed to have voted.
  4. You are then presented your ballot papers which become a controlled document once issued to you.
  5. Regardless of whether you cast an actual vote or vote informal (donkey vote) that ballot/controlled document must be placed into the repository, under the scrutiny of a polling official, prior to leaving the polling place. You CAN NOT take the ballot paper(s) away from the polling place. Any attempt to remove a controlled document from the polling place is considered an offence.
  6. If you make a mistake on your ballot paper(s) then repeat step 4. The erroneous ballot paper(s) must be surrendered to the polling official and a new ballot paper(s) are issued. Proceed with step 5.

The system I have outlined above is fraud proof. The only extra dimension beyond what is currently underway is the digital roll to replace the paper-based roll and tighter controls on the ballot paper(s)/controlled documents. Other than that, it is no different.

The system I have detailed above will eliminate multiple votes being cast by the same enrolled voter at different polling places, and will eliminate ballot papers being removed from the polling place and given to another enrolled voter, thus eliminating multiple votes being cast by an enrolled voter at the same polling place.

FutureTech X
We need better security I agree with you on that. But nothing is fraud proof. I access the digital roll, create 10 000 people, get false ID’s for those people. Get those votes cast.
Thing is what you explained is better, as it’s not fraud proof, but would require multiple people in on the scheme, thereby making it easier to be caught.

True South
A hacker could infiltrate the electoral role a create all sorts of mischief. A hacker could also manipulate the tally post election day. I am not attempting to rectify those potential issues. I am devising a physical process that would eliminate multiple votes being cast by one person at multiple polling places, and multiple votes being cast by one person at the same polling place. The key elements are: a digital role with the data being constantly refreshed and tighter controls on the actual ballot papers. However, the success of this system would require a robust network (unlike the network issues experienced during the last census) and strict compliance on the part of the polling official controlling the repository.

Forgotten Rights
In America, we have computerized fraud like a civilized society.

Mike’s Yo’ Toob
And why would you want to change it when you look at the voting machine disaster in the USA. If you do use them make sure they’re made in Australia. Mind you there might be a pile of Dominion machines going cheap soon.

Mr Bill Hilly
But GetUp! can just run around the electorate of Warringah with a list of residents in that electorate who’ve just died & make SOCK PUPPET VOTES for Zali.

Robert Martin
You don’t need to digitize the roll – you just need to demand photo ID.

Well you know not to allow mail in ballots I hope.

Guy Reece
Mail in ballots can be stolen from the post box. A Victorian councillor won his election by stealing them from post boxes. There is an on-going investigation .

Ragirl_ Gacha
If you’re using Dominion or Smartmatic systems, they can change votes too. They did in America and I’ll bet Trudeau didn’t really win. They’re used there and they had a 90 minute “glitch”.

So instead of exposing us all to hackers who would love to hack an electronic voting list with everyone’s names on it why don’t we all just nominate exactly which polling booth we will vote at and our name only appears on the list at that polling booth. This would prevent multiple voting and ensure security of people’s information.

😆 I gave up voting decades ago as politicians have never worked for their constituents in my lifetime and I know hundreds of people who have also given up voting.

Bill Earnshaw
Yeah we had a group claiming it was a threat to democracy to stop mail in voting. And then trucked in hundreds of thousands of filled out ballots……. From another state…

gray bailey
If you guys have Dominion voting machines, your election has already been decided. Just not by you.

Sil Marillian
The two party preferred system is actually constitutionally illegal. And the third tier of government (local councils) even more so.

Mr Bill Hilly
So, if somebody goes and votes in my name at 8am on Saturday and I turn up at 9am on Saturday, I can’t vote because somebody has voted in my name already…. So, where’s the proof it was or wasn’t me? If some GetUp! goon with the electoral roll runs around at 8am saying they’re me, locks me out of voting.

Thomas van de Hoef
That’s what occurred in the USA en masse. Early mail-in-votes were anonymously submitted without signature verification on mail-in ballots. People rocked up to vote and could not because they’d ‘already voted’.

Thomas van de Hoef
It’s not fraud proof because it ignores the counting process, which is also key to preventing bad actors from “misinterpreting” your vote, either by calling out the wrong name (with paper) or by reassigning votes en masse to another candidate (with a tabulation machine) . And then destroying the machine logs afterwards and shredding the ballots.

Natalie West
Hope you’re not using Dominion machines. They RIG elections!

The only people who don’t want voter ID are people who want fraud.

Nickos C
Are you insane ??? Ballot counting is the easiest task to do. DO NOT GIVE IT OVER to hackable machines. Keep it safe and sound. ID verification YES. Electronic systems NO EFFING WAY.

adWings Raging
So you are telling me that it is possible for widespread voting fraud?
But the media has already crowned Biden?!!?

Schree Howarth
Why do we still vote in pencil?
Because pens are a lot harder to rub out.

Rakesh Hubert
There are over 50% of America who believe the election was tampered with.

I have wondered for years how losers like Rudd and Gillard got elected but the real mysteries are in Queensland where the powerchook won an election over a really popular Premier whilst only having three other comrades in parliament. Then goes on to win again despite having done zero for 5 years, except create a grotesque bureaucracy.


Graham Essen
The freemasons in power just put in who they like on both sides of Australian politics. your vote means nothing, never did and while we have this system you vote will continue to mean nothing……wake up.

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