Direct Democracy

Written by AndyChalkley

Politicians will tell you that they can bring about real change. However, history and logic will tell you that it’s not the politicians who need to be changed, it’s the political system.

Great Australian Dream will fighting for the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to TRIGGER A NATIONAL Referendum FROM the People, FOR the People and BY the People.

By installing a ‘Referendum From the People, For the People Triggered by the People’, we expect to bring justice and sovereignty back to the world. Therefore, we will fight to impose a Constitutional right to trigger a National referendum from the people initiative. We need a right for less than 3% of the population that want to ask the rest of the citizens their opinion, to trigger a National Referendum. If that referendum is accepted, it will be automatically implemented into the law. This right should be applicable to ALL LEGAL MATTER.We believe that this simple idea has the potential to change the world. [1]

From Mark McGaully

For centuries, people in powerful places have been able to get what they want using a strategy of divide and conquer. They will continually find ways to make people choose a particular side on something and then whilst people fight and argue about it, it provides the distraction to enable those in powerful places to progress their own agenda. They achieve this by the introduction of legislation that benefits them rather than all the country or the people. I suspect that most people know this is the case but they cannot find a way to do something about it other than continue to stand their ground on their beliefs. I have a solution.. A real solution.. A solution that’s completely achievable… A solution that I have been proposing for just over four years now and will continue proposing.. Let’s take power away from politicians! Let’s take power away from the politicians who introduce legislation on behalf of the powerful. This can be done by putting Citizen Initiatives into the Irish constitution. It would mean that the people could directly stop bad legislation, directly initiate and amend legislation and also trigger referenda without prior approval from politicians. If there is one thing that should unite everyone, surely its getting power back into the hands of the people in order to hold politicians and government to account?


From: People Initiated Referenda:

The call for Citizen Initiatives is getting closer to home. The Brexit Party have just announced Citizen Initiatives as part of their General Election ‘manifesto’ / ‘Contract with the People’. They want a process where the People can hold the Government to account when it doesn’t act on the will of the People. Imagine an Ireland if Citizen Initiatives were part of the Irish Political system. We wouldn’t have the homeless and health service crises today – that’s for sure!

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