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Facebook lured us all to join its platform. It offered a free and open forum. We could discuss anything. We could learn from other’s views. It was an alternative to the propaganda rags. Once Facebook had become dominant, its censors started forbidding viewpoints not of its liking. The censorship is now so extreme that Facebook has become an almost useless forum for honest public discourse.

We must move to another platform, but where? I have tried vk.com . I have tried Gab. But the Facebook ‘addiction’ is hard to break.

What we are seeing with Facebook is perhaps the most sophisticated censorship mechanism in human history. Facebook engineers apparently create hundreds of iterations of rankings to destroy what those in charge call “borderline content.”. The social media companies have built up an unprecedented censorship apparatus staffed by an army of ‘content reviewers’ who seamlessly monitor, track, and block millions of pieces of content. In 2018, representatives of Facebook, Twitter, and Google’s YouTube were called before the United States Senate ‘Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation’. This committee wished to review what technology companies were doing to shut down the communications of oppositional political organizations. It was supported by both Democrats and Republicans, to establish unprecedented levels of censorship and control over the Internet. My reading is what I have long stated – they want you to vote for one of two parties and ignore all others. The same mob controls both parties.

These technology companies are able to block the communications of their users at the behest of the government. I have noticed that the reach of my Facebook posts has dwindled to a handful. There appears to be an alliance between Silicon Valley and the spy agencies.

In 2018, Monika Bickert, head of Global Policy Management at Facebook, told lawmakers that the social media giant was employing a security team of 10,000 people, 7,500 of whom “assess potentially violating content,” and that, “by the end of 2018 we will more than double” the security team.

This group includes “a dedicated counterterrorism team” of “former intelligence and law-enforcement officials and prosecutors who worked in the area of counterterrorism.” Thus, there is a revolving door between the technology giants and the state intelligence and police forces.

In a period of twenty years, the internet has become the primary medium of information exchange in the world. It can be considered as the primary source of information in the world. Search engines have made the vast trove of information available and accessible to everybody. Email and social network applications have enabled people all over the world to interact on common interests. In doing so, we have divided into ‘interest groups’. One can discuss sewing techniques across the world or solve a gearbox issues in a competition motorcycle. One can also discuss repression and government overreach. This is not popular with repressive regimes and those that control our politicians. Under the cloak of ‘protecting’ citizens from ‘harmful content’ they curb your opinions but allow teenagers to listen to rap music with its common chorus of: “Get on your knees, bitch, and suck my dick.” and allow them to watch naked women tied to frames being tormented and defiled by males.

As reported by ‘Technocracy’ , Two Facebook insiders have come forward to with leaked internal documents, showing the Big Tech giant’s plan to police “Vaccine Hesitancy” (VH) through surreptitious “comment demotion”. It does not matter if the comments are true and factual. The comment is demoted, buried, and hidden from view if it clashes with ‘big-pharma’. Their goal is to: “drastically reduce user exposure to vaccine hesitancy (VH) in comments.”. Users will not hear Dr Vladimir Zelenco’s quote: “The only reason that you would vacc!n@te a child, is if you believed in child sacrifice.” .

Let us look at Gab!
Let us look at vk.com

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