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How the left is destroying our next generation through education

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It hasn’t even been a full year and the left is forging full steam ahead with their agenda of destroying America as we know it. They are destroying every aspect of the country including education and erasing any means of accountability. Education is the one big pothole that left has fallen into and can’t get out of. Although Americans are divided on many issues, “love for our children” isn’t one of them. Messing with our children is a huge “no-no,” but the left just can’t seem to help themselves because of their moral stubborn bigoted way of thinking. They think that they know what’s best for us. Far better than we do. However, most of us with half a brain, know that we cannot maintain a free republic without an educated population. So, parents are waking up and standing up to these leftists in politics and in education.

Education is clearly becoming the next real battleground in America. We are truly seeing the destruction of our next generation through education. 50 years from now, if the left has its way, American society will be filled with educated but highly unintelligent, and unskilled people. But we must not let the left get their way. We are starting to see Americans stand up, especially parents. According to many polls, education is a very high priority amongst American voters. It is just behind the economy. This was very evident when just weeks ago, we saw parental rights decide the Virginia gubernatorial race where Virginia Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe had no business losing to Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin in “dark blue” Virginia, where Biden won by 10 points just under a year ago. The left made a terrible miscalculation in attempting to sideline parents’ rights to their children. In a debate with Glenn Youngkin, Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe put a stake in the heart of his campaign when he said, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” McAuliffe also vetoed a bill that would have made it a requirement that parents were informed if pornographic styled material was made available to their children. This was a very closely watched race nationwide, not just because of the fact that the polls were tightening in dark blue Virginia where it was showing that underdog Republican candidate Youngkin had an opportunity to pull off the win (which he did), but it was more indicative of what the likely outcome of the 2022 midterm elections would look like because what is happening Virginia, is happening all around the country and anyone who has one eye open, knows that it’s not just the leftists in our government, but the leftists in all our institutions that are destroying America. If we are to take anything from what happened in Virginia’s gubernatorial election; it is that we must put education at the forefront of our fight to save this country and the next generation.

In recent weeks, the United States Department of Justice has faced major pushback for likening concerned parents to “domestic terrorists.” This comes after Attorney General Merrick Garland directed the FBI and U.S. Attorneys’ Offices to meet with federal, state, tribal, territorial and local law enforcement leaders to discuss strategies for addressing parents that have passionately voiced their concerns about things their children are being taught in school, such as racial essentialism, as well as other new school policies that go against their values and possibly put kids at risk of sexual assault, harm, and bullying. These policies include, but not limited to allowing children to use specific gendered bathroom of their choosing (preferred pronouns), all in the name of “LGBTQ+ social justice.” Our radical A.G. Merrick Garland, issued a memorandum, directing the Justice Department to launch an investigation designed to address the so-called “rise in criminal conduct” directed toward school personnel. Despite not being able to site any evidence of even one event that would fit into this “criminal conduct” category when he recently testified in front of congress, he would not rescind the memo. All available evidence points to the NSBA (National School Board Association), the nation’s largest interest group for public school board officials. They sent a letter to the White House just days before Garland’s missive, asking for an investigation into parents and others attending school board meetings, without providing any evidence that there was any behavior that justified a federal investigation. We have never seen the weaponizing of federal agencies of this magnitude ever. This is probably the most absurd of them all.

The pandemic-forced school closures were very eye opening from the perspective of parents. Many parents got a firsthand view of what is being taught in the classroom on a day-to-day basis. Many parents witnessed the “woke,” race essential, critical race theory-based curriculum that is being taught to their children. Many parents were finally starting to understand where their young children’s questions of curiosity about “being oppressed” and “being oppressors” were coming from. They were starting to see why many of their teenagers and college age students had such radical views of the United States. The indoctrination and racial essentialism are real, although many in the media and the left continue to state that what you are seeing with your own two eyes isn’t happening. They constantly say that “it is not a thing” although many parents have brought example after example of racial essential and far left radical materials being used in schools to teach their children to school board meetings. Parents have even brought pornographic styled inappropriate materials that kids have accessibility to in K-12 public school libraries to these meetings. This all has real world consequence. Parents of various ages, races, and creeds are angry, shocked. They are standing up and speaking out. They should be. There are many videos that have went viral online. Instead of listening to these parents’ legitimate concerns, school institutions are turning their backs on them and sending the government after them. They are now being investigated as domestic terrorist. I’m not sure how this makes sense? Even liberal comedian Bill Maher defended parents who are against critical race theory and said that “the progressive approach denies progress made on racial issues in America,” adding “progressives are making the Democratic Party the “party of no common sense.”

Probably the most concerning trend we see in education, is the move away from meritocracy. As Ben Shapiro stated, “Meritocracy is a prerequisite to societal success. The alternatives are artificial hierarchies or corrupt rent-seeking. When anti-democratic countries embrace meritocracy to succeed and democratic countries abandon meritocracy as “discriminatory,” the result is catastrophic.” He is absolutely right. It is commonplace to come across news reports, online or magazine articles, or a podcast, discussing the “inequities in education.” This is a tremendous popular topic in the left-wing circles and thus, most of the time it comes from left leaning sources. The argument from the left almost always ties race and racism as the principal factors and reasoning as to why we see so many disparities in education amongst race. While one would have to be living under a rock to not see that there are disparities in educational achievements between racial groups in the United States, looking at solving it strictly by trying to achieve race equity is wrong-headed. There are some real serious issues exposed in these arguments that are more than worthy of attention and need to be addressed. But, because most of the people willing to entertain the topic are more interested in fixing race inequalities and not addressing the issue surrounding our failed education system, the solutions being offered are doing more harm than good to our most vulnerable. Here are a few examples of what I mean. Alhambra High School English teacher Joshua Moreno, did away with the standard point system and no longer gives students homework, because a disproportionate amount of minority students was failing due to lack of homework assignments being turned in. The goal is to base grades on what students are learning in school and remove behavior, deadlines, and how much work they do in totality from the equation. The changes Moreno embraced are part of a growing trend that are happening in schools across the country, which educators are moving away from traditional point-driven grading systems, aiming to close large academic gaps among racial, ethnic and economic groups. The trend was accelerated by the pandemic and school closures that caused troubling increases in Ds and Fs, particularly amongst Black and Hispanic students across the country and by calls to examine the role of institutionalized racism in schools in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd by a police officer. Last year, West Contra Costa Unified, which is majority Latino, issued a memo, encouraging secondary teachers to give students a five-day grace period to turn in work and eliminate zeroes in grade books for not turning in work on time. The University of California and California State University are lowering grade standards and ending standardize testing for admissions requirements for the foreseeable future in favor of empathy and racial equity. These are just a few examples of the troubling trends by the left that are being accelerated to try to close the racial gap in educational achievement that aren’t rooted in reality. These practices certainly aren’t the right ones to put into effect. They create systems which teach kids that it’s OK to turn in your work late and to not work hard and compete with their peers in education. They will think that deadlines don’t matter and that the education system will be curved and will cater to those that perform the worst. These actions certainly won’t set kids up for successful careers or prosperous citizenship.

The cure can’t be worse than the disease. It is obvious that the left has utter disdain for black and Hispanic Americans. It is really disturbing that the left pushes victimhood and treat black and Hispanic Americans as though we can’t make the most basic human elementary decisions for ourselves. Our schools, including colleges and universities, no longer are trying to create informed citizens, who can think individually and creatively. They are more interested in creating brainwashed sheep for the purpose of voting for the Democrat Party. You know what’s social justice? School choice! If you can get to a certain school, you should be allowed to attend. A good education shouldn’t be limited to your zip code. This should be a federal policy. It won’t happen overnight; but the racial gap in education and ultimately society can be narrowed by educating and not indoctrinating, changing culture, incentivizing good moral individual decisions, not preaching that all institutions in America are racist and are against minorities, and giving people that can’t afford to not live in good school districts a choice of where to get educated. The left has awakened a movement of parents that is rallying against them. If you ask me, this is a fight that conservatives should crave and hopefully will eventually win! We need to be the Party of and for parents!

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