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Imaginary Grievances

Written by AndyChalkley

Douglas Murray is turning into a national treasure for UK. Here is a long slow insight into his thinking. This man is extremely intelligent and his analysis is valuable to us all irrespective of your political stance. Douglas Murray speaks for the silent majority.

“You either have borders or you don’t. And if you don’t have borders, you don’t have a country.” Douglas Murray And many more gems in his talk.

Douglas Murray interview: BLM.


T Michael
I agree everything you said. I am a black immigrant man from ethiopia here living in canada for the last 30 years and I have never been discriminated by anyone . We are here bombarded by media and politicians how canadian institutions and police are racist towards black people. I feel that I am in a different planet.

Trevor Gordon
As the son of Caribbean immigrants, who were invited to England work, in the mid-fifties. One of the things I have always admired about Great Britain is the history (even though it is not related to my lineage). If you lived in any foreign country, you would learn the history of that country.

The ‘silent majority’ need to bloody well start becoming the vocal majority and quickly!

Bugz Bunny
I’m on the left and I’ve started to speak out on some of the issues brought up by Douglas Murray and other controversial figures. I was called names and people have insinuated that I was racist at first but as this year has unfolded I’ve seen a lot more people come to reason. Douglas Murray had a really good line on JRE a few weeks ago when he said “Speak the truth. It will make your life so much better.”

Pommie bears
William Parkinson you must expect to be called all sorts of names now. The truth hurts….and if you speak it, you will be vilified for it. I’m glad you are doing this. I’m a classic liberal….yet these people on the far left call me names too. Anyone right of far left is called “racist” now.

Alexandria Mayfair
I would love to freely vocalize my thoughts, but if you slip even slightly outside of mainstream group-think and even dare question what’s going on in the world you’re labelled in such a way that employers have no safety net, except to fire people to “save face” amid the mobs. “Free thought” is fading. You can’t stand against what’s happening if people are relying on you to put food on the table. The silenced majority will likely remain so until money and food matter less than what’s going on around us.

Stephen Brookes
Perhaps if the majority were to stop being silent the minorities would be drowned out by us!

Daniel O’Connor
if there’s something I’ve learned in this year, don’t be silent. Letting others speak for you is what got us here. Stand up for yourself.

Yes but if we don’t become less silent there will be no majority. My conscience is starting to really prick me. The continuance of civil society requires me to speak my mind.

Out of Blue Pills
Douglas said sarcastically, “If you thought the American world order wasn’t to your taste, you’ll love the Chinese one.” I was a Chomsky-loving anti-imperialist for decades, but I’ve come to believe that the sentiment that Douglas is expressing here   when China takes over as global hegemon, people will realize how good we all had it under the Pax Americana   is entirely correct.

Traffic Cone
It’s mildly terrifying. He’s said in a couple of interviews recently that the Corona virus might be just the beginning of something. Could be the beginning of a world war with China. Bankrupting your enemies would be a good start if you want to start a war.

Timothy Blazer
Chomsky should have stuck to linguistics. Seriously. He has been so upset by the American hegemons who have done bad things. He seems to have always viewed every other entity through rose colored glasses. It is just astounding to me that he could say one word in favor of socialists and communists after the Gulag Archipelago was published, and after the real news about the horror of Maoist China came to light.

Melody Projekt
None of you have understood anything. Trump AND China all dance for the same master. You have not figured that out yet.

Tune Safari
It is not a given that the CCP will still be in power ten years from now. It’s not reported in the mainstream but if you research deeper, their frailty and vulnerabilities ahead are immense. Don’t underestimate the Chinese people, Taiwan and until recently, Hong Kong, prove how successful a capitalist mainland China could/will be, as a ‘free’ people.

Melody Projekt
There IS no China…. It’s the same elite…. They funded Mao.

Melody Projekt
I have contacts on Wall Street. They told me everything about this “pandemic”. It was a lie and a show from the first…. China … People falling down. OMG… Then Italy… Nurses crying for help…. And, warned us: This is coming your way. I knew this in January….

Melody Projekt
If you do not understand that 2020 is a coup de etat.

MP Imbillicieri
American-led forces have killed more people than the Taliban. 88% of victims of Obama’s drone strikes were civilians.

E. V. Smith
Aidan Lille America certainly made many grave mistakes over the years. But don’t think for a moment you can convincingly argue that a liberal democracy as global hegemon would be worse than a totalitarian regime. We can at least thank the Americans for a huge decline in warfare and suffering in comparison to the previous century. America has allies around the world to protect other nations from the creep of authoritarianism. We can thank people like you for this period of time coming to an end, and for the new era of dictatorship that is plaguing the whole world.

Meritocracy is over. White people will have a dark future in their own countries, unless they do something about it while still in majority.

Meghan Schuler
I’ve been saying this for 15 years I truly believe that they wanted a race war in America which would be the second Civil War and would lead to World War 3. What most people do not realize is if the US Falls the entire world Falls. Everyone is dependent on America in some form or another to such a stand extends that I’m promising you if we fall the whole world goes that’s it. And I think China is chomping at the bit for this to happen. And there’s a new documentary by Glenn Beck about China and Biden’s little love affair. I think this has been a Democrat plan for a long time.

White people should stop sending any type of aid to those regions and concentrate on keeping power.
As Louis Veuillot said:
“When I am the weaker, I ask you for my freedom, because that is your principle;
but when I am the stronger, I take away your freedom, because that is my principle.”

E. V. Smith
Liberal democracy did not bring us colonialism or endless wars. It is a statistical fact that armed conflict is at an historic low point as compared to the rest of recorded history. And colonialism began well before liberal democracy existed. Liberal democracies today are the stablest, freest, wealthiest and fairest states in the world. If you hate liberal democracy try living in China or Iran or Venezuela. You wouldn’t have the right to criticise the governments there like you do now. Those countries you lump all together don’t provide much of an argument. Some are dictatorships, most are aggressors and as for Africa, let’s see how the African countries bought by China will fare. Again, I don’t claim there have been no mistakes or morally dubious wars commissioned by liberal democracies. But it’s laughable to think that the world would be better off if liberal democracy never existed.

Liberal democracy brought us transgender bathrooms and drag queen story hours in kindergartens, while our children are chemically castrated (and you’re either supportive or Hitler). We need order above all else. Natural order.

Michelle C
As a Chinese, I agree with you! Chinese society is more Darwinian than the Western society right now. Looking after poor is in name only under the communist regime.

Sure, but Chinese children will still have a place to call home when they grow up; and thus an opportunity to improve their nation as they see fit. We won’t have that privilege due to mass-immigration. You can survive anything, even Communism, but one thing you can’t survive is losing your political sovereignty in your own country. At that point @mdash; someone else is calling the shots.

Liberty Prime
Chomsky is so convincing on like every topic until you realize how many facts he gets wrong and how much he leaves out.

I’m not sure you’d be saying that if you lived in Afghanistan, Vietnam, any of the countries who have had their democracy swept from under their feet or been bombed to export vulture capitalism to their streets. China is no saint, but it has a lot of catching up to do. USA has been the most aggressive and evil nation in the world since the end of WW2.

Your overall premise is wrong, but you are absolutely correct about a globalist elite. Despite the globalist elite, however, American/ Western democracy is HIGHLY superior to the CCP’s totalitarianism. China has over one billion people locked in its borders and doesn’t allow them free use of the internet.

E. V. Smith
Afghanistan was a brutal Islamic Theocracy before the war in 2001 and Vietnam was, and remains, a one party Communist state. The USSR murdered millions of its own citizens. The Hutu led government in Rwanda committed genocide against one million Tutsis. Saddam Hussein’s regime attempted a genocide against the Iraqi Kurds and waged highly aggressive wars in two countries. Assad’s regime in Syria has been systematically murdering civilians for the past few years, and so on and so on.

China won’t take over the world. The power that we feel coming from the CCP is fake.

Darren O’Connor
He’s spot on, but I am both depressed and frightened by the number of people who will be utterly deaf to this warning. These are the people who have gotten their history about the USA from the likes of Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn @mdash; people for whom American can seemingly do no right; revisionists who have spotlighted (and also exaggerated) America’s crimes and failings, while simultaneously glossing over, omitting, distorting, or even outright lying about all of its successes and glories. These people hold the United States to a utopian standard that no nation in history ever has met or ever could meet, and then condemn it for failing to live up to this ideal. And signally, they resolutely refuse to apply this same standard to other countries like the USSR or communist China. This is precisely how so many Western intellectuals have been apologists for repressive communist dictatorships around the world. I continue to be amazed at the level of self-delusion and intellectual dishonesty it takes to maintain such a worldview, but there’s no denying how widespread it is.

Simon Clare
BLM targeted , capitalism, the nuclear family, property ownership, the police force, revisionist history coloured almost entirely by slavery in their mission statement which has now been removed from their site for obvious reasons, they are self avowed marxists, what is it exactly that they don’t want to change ?

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