Just another rant about malfeasance.

The President of France is correct! Scott Morrison, and all other politicians at this time in Australia are all complicit of TREASON! If these politicians are not mentioning or suggesting that every single resident of Australia to write letters of MALFEASANCE then they too are complicit in the plan to depopulate Australia from 28 million to 15 million. The Government and Health Ministers are all using the term One World, New World Order. THEIR SYMBOLISM WILL BE THEIR DOWNFALL. Regardless of your religious belief, please know that the World is manipulated and controlled by Satanist, Paedophile 33 1/3 Freemason, White supremists and human traffickers. THE TRUTH IS FREAKIER THAN FICTION. ALL TOO MUCH FOR THE DOWN TO EARTH GOOD HEARTED PERSON TO UNDERSTAND. The truth of what is behind this NWO. Their intentions are to lower the age of consent to four years of age. This is why there are Paedophiles dressed in drag teaching them about masturbation and how to masturbate. This is so to desensitize children to paedophilia. Freemasons were the ones that created schooling and so called education. Manipulate and mould. Demoylay owned and controlled from kindergarten to University. We see this more so in the Medical arena, Drs now Pharma Agents. Controlled by AHPRA, threats of fines and deregistration. The Endocannabinoid System is still some 70 years away from being included in their education. Hence why cancer and auto immunes are now 1 in 2. The TGA does not have our health in their best interests. In Australia the Paedophile founder and creator of Beyond Blue, he and the Australian Government Paedophile ring manipulate the education curriculum. Dumbing down the population to believe that there is a killer virus on the loose. One has to ask oneself as to why the TRUTH is not being shared with Australians via MSM. Write letters of Malfeasance to every Politician, Health Minister etc.

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