Written by AndyChalkley

At the moment there are too many laws, often about trivial things, regulating too many aspects of Australian life. Self responsibility has been forgotten in the growing cloud of criminal and civil litigation, much of which, given the ability of the wealthy to exploit the courts, only applies to the poor. So I think our body of laws should be reviewed according to principles of self responsibility, privacy and need.

A charter of basic citizen rights will be formulated, with the core principles to be applied to the law.

We need laws that define penalties for crime, fraud, rape, manslaughter and murder. But the rest of the laws should be reviewed, refined or repealed.

All drugs will be decriminalized and issued by prescription as needed, except marijuana, which will be legalized, regulated, and taxed.

The right to sue will be according to a special court, at which the issue will be presented by the complainants without their lawyers, and considered within their specific context before permission to sue is granted.

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