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Lima Declaration

Written by Andy

The ‘level playing field’ for trade that Keating sold was a lie. Scrap the Lima agreement before we go further down the drain.

is a shout from a blogger. So what is the Lima Declaration?

Another shout:

Why are we still paying and are part of a the UN , when it has repeatedly failed in its major charter … to stop WARS.
A good look at its performance is awful …😢
They now have produced a document to envelop the entire planet under their directives..!!!!!!
Please read it thoroughly. They project their vision of their ‘new world’ forward to see its outcomes. It may astonish as most of their evil intent is wrapped in a chocolate candy.


In 1975, the countries of the United Nations met in Lima, Peru. They signed a document that has turned out to be an economic death warrant that has had an dramatic effect on the developed world including Australia. Since that date, governments have been implementing it. Since the signing of the Lima Agreement, Australia’s national car industry has evaporated, steel making has suffered, and our petroleum industry is under severe threat of being moved overseas. Australia is now short of technology, tools and jobs for the modern world, and has set the foundation for a rapid decline of our nation’s most important industries.

It has allowed the exploitation of Australia. The sad truth is that Australian manufacturing has been decimated, particularly in the last thirty years. We need to understand why this has happened. The common reply is: “globalisation”. However, was not an accident. One of its cornerstones is the Lima Declaration.

Roberts said that following the then-Keating government signing the Rio Declaration in 1992, it has been “sneakily implemented by ministers of every government since under the guise of biodiversity to steal property rights, sustainability to pass regulations controlling people and climate change to push foreign control using unlawful agreements like the Paris sham”. For these and other reasons, Roberts wants Australia to leave the UN.

The Lima Declaration

The full title of the treaty is “Lima Declaration And Plan Of Action On Industrial Development And Co-Operation”. The treaty was signed in 1975 at a convention of the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation, in Lima, Peru. The treaty is an international agreement to wind down national manufacturing in developed nations, and transfer that manufacturing capability to developing nations.

This treaty sets the policy which has encouraged corporations to build themselves into globalist multinationals. It only benefits these corporations and their international bankers. A key clause of the declarations is as follows:

recognising the urgent need to bring about the establishment of a new international economic order based on equity, sovereign equality, interdependence and co-operation, as has been expressed in the Declaration and Programme of Action on the Establishment of a New International Economic Order, in order to transform the present structure of economic relations.

You will notice the use of the term ‘new international economic order’. This term does not come from ‘conspiracy nuts’ but of the real conspiratorial manipulators of global control. They talk of ‘interdependence’. This necessitates a reduction of independence. Simple logic will tell you that interdependence and independence are mutually exclusive.

The Lima Declaration is just one of hundreds of international agreements and treaties, signed on behalf of all Australians without any direct consultation with the people. Many of these international treaties signed by governments on our behalf are driven by the United Nations. This is an organisation that no Australian has approved by voting in a referendum to allow them having a say in how we are governed or how we conduct our national affairs. It was foist on us at the end of WW2 claiming it was designed to ‘prevent wars’. Now it ‘guides’ nations. Australian political parties have signed these treaties that undermine Australian Sovereignty. Effectively you have almost unlimited power to dictate our lives. Australians are generally unaware of how these treaties impact our lives. If Australians were aware, they would almost certainly be opposed to them.

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