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Mandate is not law!

Written by AndyChalkley


Here is a short video explanation:

Here is the listing from Blacks Law Dictionary:

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What is MANDATE?

In practice. A Judicial command or precept proceeding from a court or judicial officer, directing the proper officer to enforce a judgment, sentence, or decree. Seaman v. Clarke, 60 App. Div. 416, 69 N. Y. Supp. 1002; Horton v. State, 63 Neb. 34, 88 N. W. 146. In the practice of the supreme court of the United States, the mandate is a precept or order issued upon the decision of an appeal or writ of error, directing the action to be taken, or disposition to be made of the case, by the inferior court In some of the state jurisdictions, the name “mandate” has been substituted for “mandamus” as the formal title of that writ In contracts. A bailment of property in regard to which the bailee engages to do some act without reward. Story, Bailm. jj 137. A mandate is a contract by which a lawful business is committed to the management of another, and by him undertaken to be performed gratuitously. The mandatary is bound to the exercise of slight diligence, and is responsible for gross neglect. The fact that the mandator derives no benefit from the acts of the mandatary is not of itself evidence of gross negligence. Richardson v. Futrell, 42 Miss. 525; Williams v. Conger, 125 U. S. 397, 8 Sup. Ct. 933, 31 L Ed. 778. A mandate, procuration, or letter of attorney is an act by which one person gives power to another to transact for him and in his name one or several affairs. The mandate may take place in five different manners,

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Here is the significant part:

“A mandate is a contract by which a lawful business is committed to the management of another, and by him undertaken to be performed gratuitously. The mandatary is bound to the exercise of slight diligence, and is responsible for gross neglect.”



Submission Statement:

Using the term vaccine ‘mandate’ is a legal loophole to manipulate your free will to allow it to become a law.

‘Gratuitously’ means voluntarily.

It’s not about ‘non-compliance’; it’s about not volunteering.

In other words, a mandate only becomes mandatory through your own free will, by legal definition.

They are not telling you this because they are attempting to manipulate your free will through fear.

“According to the Congressional Research Service, there is currently no express law that allows the federal government to issue vaccine mandates to the general population. However, President Biden purports that his mandate is authorized by the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970.

Under the Act, The Department of Labor may issue an Emergency Temporary Standard if it determines that (1) “employees are exposed to grave danger from exposure to substances or agents determined to be toxic or physically harmful or from new hazards,” and (2) “such emergency standard is necessary to protect employees from such danger.”

When OSHA issues an Emergency Temporary Standard, it can remain in effect for up to six months without enduring the normal review and comment process of rulemaking under the Act.

Opponents of President Biden’s recent executive order argue that states, not the federal government, are tasked with protecting public health within states. House Republicans have argued that the mandate infringes on Americans’ individual rights and oversteps the reach of the federal government’s powers.

The Supreme Court’s interpretation of Tenth Amendment issues makes clear that congress cannot commandeer state legislatures. The Court held in New York v. United States and Printz v. United States that the federal government cannot coerce states into using their own resources to carry out federal policies.”

It’s not even a mandate yet. It’s fucking words on a teleprompter spoken by a senile curmudgeon. I have yet to see this mandate anywhere and it’s been almost 2 months (or at least it feels like it has been).

Of course it’s not a law, the executive cannot legislate, that’s the legislature’s job, the executive can only execute the laws legislated by the legislators. However, the executive often likes to pretend that their actions ARE law and the people just go with it. Hopefully SCOTUS will actually do their fucking job considering that they’re 6/3 Republican majority.

Youre absolutely correct. All manipulation and fear mongering . Fuck em

If you’re required to jab in order to work, it doesn’t matter if it’s law or not…it’s still going to ruin your life.

Mandate is literally the root word of mandatory. This arbitrary line of saying “it’s not a law” is just fucking dumb. Laws are also made up.

The Old Knight of New Scotland (Source:

I shouldn’t worry about not seeing the text, it is the same in all legal dictionaries unless you really want to buy it?

I have a legal book as well—–they are all copied from the English definition from the British Court system and yes even the USA books-due tio the fact the USA is on lease from England!

NowHere (Source:
A mandate is not law, and must be agreed upon by the mandatary. Simply remove your agreement and it doesn’t apply to you. In addition, mandates, orders, guidelines, policies, ordinances etc only apply to PERSONS.
PERSONS are fictitious entities, corporations, not men and women. Remove your consent, declare who you are, and mandates have zero jurisdiction over you.

The above is not legal advice. It is merely a set of comments suggesting that you get better information before you buckle to a mandate.

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