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Never believe what Hollywood say about Europeans. They will DEMONISE our people until the end of time. (Well, they demonize anyone who is against their Dictatorship, lies and propaganda.) Hollywood is a propaganda machine and was created solely to brainwash the naïve masses.

Folkish Odinism Dorset

I’ve noticed that the hollywood movies always portray the British redcoats in a negative way despite their awe inspiring achievements. Hollywood always gives them a snooty posh voice as though they were all toffs with white wigs born in a mansion and always gives them negative story lines where some heroic scrappy colonial type or native savage defeats them somehow lol. This picture is from 1854. They look like hardened soldiers to me, not sure I would like to go up against them! Honor your ancestors and to ‘hel’ with the naysayers 🙂


Duke Allan
99.9% of everything from Hollywood is embellished at best and flat out false at worst. They’ve been engaged in the propaganda business for the better part of their existence.

Ali Cee
They always been jealous of european ingenuity, we are their biggest rivals…….they are doing everything they can to destroy us. …..but we will win out!!

Graham Michael Payne
Half the world mocks us but half the world is only civilised because of us….

Walter Sojeck
Spot on! I remember going to the cinema and seeing the 1992 adaptation of Last of the Mohicans just after returning from from London, after spending almost a year there.
I was in the heart of the night life and had seen some ugly things. Saw some ugliness in daylight hours too and witnessed tenacity, scrappiness and grit of the English people!
Then, I am watching a portrayal of 18th century English and all were doing defeated in personal, one on one combat by an Indian in every, single instance!
It was portrayed as though the English soldiers were freighted children and the Huron and Iroquois Indians were savage, warriors!
I sat there, in the theater and asked myself, “am I speaking Iroquois or any other Indian language”? “Was anyone else around the World speaking those languages”? No, they were speaking English so, ittold me that the English solider was the warrior, fought better than any savage they faced, World-wide and indeed, I was witnessing a fraud before my very eyes!

Selina White
I’m proud af to be English/British and I will always defend my country and white Europeans!
Alot of countries hate the british mainly England I mean most of history are basically lies written by the victors anyways 🤷 so most of what was said about England/ brits were most likely made up by the noses to make others go against us as the british once had the most powerful successful empire in the world 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Willem Delport
I am VERY proud of My European heritage from Germany, m 🇩🇪 France 🇫🇷 and the Netherlands 🇳🇱

Roy Adams
Fact: Whites are not depicted in movies in any capacity. What is depicted is the view jews have of Whites, what they think of us.
Whiles anti-Whites complain about movies being too White, Whites are practically non-existent in movies.
95% of all producers are j’s
80% of all writers are j’s.
90% of all directors are j’s.
60% of all non-poc actors are j’s.
98% of all non-poc actresses are j’s
We literally have no representation in Hollywood.

Emilio Ekdahl
The demonization of white males is the usurper cults number one goal. The cults goals are wealth and political power straight from their religious writings that promote these two goals as their gods utmost requirement. Destroy their banc system and they fall.

Ókunnigr Vestan
At the time England was the (((globalist))) power, they underestimated the dedication to freedom and natural law that Americans had.
Truth be told had it not been for the abuse of power on their part, Americans never would’ve fought agaist the crown and their empire wouldve grown, but they never learn and were inhibited for a time because of that.
Now, America has become that globalist power because we underestimate their subversive cunning.
Hard to tell how things could’ve been had we identified them earlier, but it could have avoided a brother war.
As for the soldiers and the majority of the population, I cannot judge the red coats, they served with loyalty and that is a honorable thing to do, those who controlled them were the ones who were in the wrong and I will judge them according to their tyrannical behavior, but the red coats as a whole are our brothers and I won’t speak ill of them.

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