Relocation Sentencing

Written by Bob Katter

From KAP

‘Relocation Sentencing’ was not just an election stunt for us. It’s a very real policy that we have spent years researching. Youth crime is a serious issue in regional Queensland. The current approach to dealing with it is not working. Currently magistrates only have two options to deal with repeat youth offenders:1. Let them back into the community (where they often reoffend)2. Send them to jail (where the criminal way of life becomes entrenched).That’s why we want magistrates to have a third option that would not only keep the community safe, but have a real shot at breaking the crime cycle. This third option would be to send repeat offenders to an approved remote property where they are put to work. They would be taught life skills and learn the satisfaction and reward that comes with doing an honest day of hard work .We will not stop advocating for this, because we believe it will work.

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