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The Red-Green Axis

The Red-Green Axis is a collusion between the Political Left, Communists, Socialists and other brands of “progressives”, i.e., the Red, and the forces of the Islamic jihad. The ‘Green’ is so named because the color green carries much symbolism in Islam. Mandy Muslim nations feature green in their flags and emblems. The collective goal of this collective is to alter and undermine our national and Christian culture. character, traditions, and laws so that the collective can overthrow our demacratic form of government by stealth. The alliance allows each to take advantage of the tactics, strategies, and cultural features of the other, and mobilizes a vastly larger number of people. For example, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) now supports Black Lives Matter (BLM) and participates in its protests. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) also work with BLM, CAIR, and open borders groups.

Immigration is one of the Red-Green Axis’s most effective tools. By appealing to the Christian characteristic of ‘compassion’, it advocates for open borders and endless waves of refugees, asylum seekers, and other third-world immigrants. This stresses government budgets at all levels. It overburdens communities with medical, language, crime, welfare, and other burdens. All objectores are labelled with targeted words and sometimes physically attacked, or threatened with legal action or ‘Hate Crime’ punishment. A favorites it to call call opponents “racists,” “bigots,” “xenophobes,” and the latest innovation, “Islamophobes. Whilst in open war these are favoured characteristics, our hidden enemy uses the same tactics against us. The very same media system funded by corporations that took us to numerous wars uses the same tactics against us. So a ‘war on terrorism’ causes us to shoot people and a war on drugs locks up the poor, and a war on racism locks up dissenters. The Red-Green Axis pushes the immigration/refugee resettlement issue against the wishes of the people. It was never something put to a referendum or a vote. The effect of this unvoted agenda will be to erase the West as we know it.

We have a coalition between Marxism and Islam. The two totalitarian ideologies unite for one purpose: The destruction of our heritage and traditional values derived from Biblical Christianity. Here are some other voices discussing the topic:

The point of the above info is this Red-Green Axis has created a united front against the West for quite a while.

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