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The right to defend your home.

Written by AndyChalkley

On 21 April 1902, His Imperial Majesty Nicholas II issued a decree called “The right to defense”.

According to the Emperor’s decree “On the Right to Defense”, the place of residence or any legally occupied place, such as a personal motorcar, carriage or workplace is UNTOUCHABLE, and penetration into it without permission is a crime. This decree provided the resident (owner) the legal right to attack the invader by any available means, up to the cause of the invader’s death, to protect his property and any innocent people who are legally found within its boundaries, from any attack or any invasion that could potentially end in an attack.

Thus, within the framework of the legislation, a principle proclaimed by the Emperor, means that the cause of death to a person illegally entering a home can be justified in a court as a permissible measure of defense, without the need for additional reasons for the death.

That is why in Tsarist Russia, according to the ‘Law on Parental Power’ and this decree and the right of citizens of the Russian Empire to freely carry weapons, no one could ever could break into a house and snatch children from legal parents.

The Russian Tsar stood by the interests of every Russian person, Russian parents, and Russian children.

We don’t need to re-invent the bicycle. We just need to go back to what was ours and what made Russia a strong country. In those times, we did not live in ‘gulags’ as during the last one-hundred-and-three years and nor did we live in the current ‘quarantine zones’.

(from the pages of “Nikolaiv readings”)

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