Voter Fraud

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I see nothing! I find nothing! I know nothing!*

Bill Barr didn’t see the ballot fraud around him because he refused to look for it and now he says it never existed! The Deep State Swamp promised Barr that he would become a ‘rising star’ in the Republican party if he thwarted Trump.

Backstabber Barr tarnished his own Attorney General star by doing so. Barr belongs in the Swamp along with the rest of the RINOs who readily and eagerly backstabbed the president.

Ben Garrison has drawn Bill Barr wearing ‘Swamp’ coloured sun glasses hinting that Bill Barr is jumping to the tune of the ‘bad guys’ in what Donald Trump called “The Swamp”.

Above was by Ben Garrison

According to a Pew Charitable Trust report in 2012, around eighteen million U.S. voter registrations were either “significantly inaccurate” or invalid. This included over two million dead persons and over two million registered in more than one state. The Heritage Foundation has also revealed over four hundred random examples of voter fraud. This includes multiple voting, voter impersonation, fraudulent registration, registration and more than one state, registration by non-citizens, voting for the dead etc. These findings are typically dismissed by the Democrats, who indicate strong opposition to identification requirements on spurious grounds that this disadvantages the poor and minorities. This is illogical as identification is required for driving cars, accessing welfare and more. (The Spectator)

Now for voter fraud in Australia.

When I vote, they ask me if I have voted elsewhere, then put a mark against my name. I show no identity. If five people rock up at other poling stations and state that they are Andy Chalkley, they get a vote form and get a mark put against my name. They don’t get caught and their votes cannot be removed. Australian voting systems are fraud prone.

The Australian Electoral Commission has revealed that over 18,000 people are being asked why they voted more than once in the recent election. This is of particular concern in those electorates where the candidate won by a handful of votes, in one case as low as thirty-seven. (The Spectator)

The ”reforms” introduced by the Hawke government to make it easier to vote, also made it easier to vote more than once.  The crucial change was the abolition of the requirement that a voter should vote in a polling station in an electoral subdivision. No identification is required. We expect to provide identification in many places such as the bank and even when collecting parcels at an Australian Post Office.

Vote Australia‘ lists the kinds of voting fraud that occurs in Australia:

Enrolling at addresses that do not exist or do not have homes to live in. Enrolling more people at addresses than actually live there. Voting as someone else or as other people. Voting many times in an election instead of just one time as allowed by law.

Australia’s electoral system has problems that other countries would not accept. If somebody votes more than once, they often get away with it. They may get an official letter from the federal or state electoral commission. The letter may demand an explanation. They may get a fine. But this has issues as the electoral commission have to prove that it was the same person voting twice. Evidence is not available as no identification is required and so few people are ever charged and almost none are convicted.

Vote Australia has a very good website on the issue.
Please get on their email list and give then support.

Do not assume all Australians are honourable. Here is a hear-say comment by Gough Whitlam. It is claimed that when Joe Riordan lost the Sydney seat of Philip, Gough Whitlam observed: “Comrade, comrade, how negligent of you. To lose a seat in which there is not one but three cemeteries is unforgivable.”

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