What happened freedom of speech?

Written by Andy

I will let ‘Geoff the Aardvark’ stir the emotions:

Whatever happened to freedom of speech? Or is so called free speech reserved only for those who agree with the predominant libtard worldview, all other ideas and speech need not apply. I disagree vehemently with all the anti free speech Nazis and their ungodly and unconstitutional power grab to quell and destroy any thought or idea that they disagree with. The 1st Amendment guarantees us freedom of speech and not the damn govt. or its liberal sycophants in the media, or academia or Hollyweird etc. Without free speech and the 2nd Amendment to protect it we’re screwed.

Geoff the Aardvark 2020-07-23

Freedom beats the socks off of the alternative. But we need to understand what we mean by freedom. In the next quote, Tim is hinting that we have progressed to a new type of war that is propaganda rather than marching armies.

The totalitarians KNOW that they are at war. They are out to win a World!
They are NOT just playing stupid games or waiting for some opening.


If you consider the illogical WW1 and WW2, they were perhaps also propaganda to get cull the population of the West. With the advent of the printing press and its progress into other formats, war can be waged with the persuasion of propaganda rather than the tip of a sword. But what did the sward bring – a desire for revenge or the implementation of a new system? Europe gradually embraced Christianity through desire rather than the sword. Christianity brought the ‘Philosophy of Jesus’ with its accent on common decency. The Church rode on the back of Christian concepts, but if the Church strays from the ‘Philosophy of Jesus’, it breaks its support base. Splits occur as with Protestantism. So Europe split into Protestants and Catholics. If they fought, neither could claim the ‘high ground’. They both strayed from the common decency expected in the ‘Philosophy of Jesus’.

To provoke the thinking, let me stir sentiments with: “Freedom is something the American people think they have.” The first example to play with logic is the passport. We think of the passport as a document that allows freedom of movement. In reality, it is a device for the restriction of movement. You cannot travel without a passport.

Freedom is not the license to do whatever you want. In the extreme this damages the freedom of others. Thus freedom is minimally the freedom to do things that do not impinge on the freedom of others. Freedom should not be confused with license, which is the ability to do whatever you want. The concept of freedom partially invalidates itself because it doesn’t entitle everyone to universal freedom.

Freedom of speech has a similar constraint. The freedom to an opinion and the right to express it in a non-violent and non-threatening manner. It does not, as opposed to what many people think, grant the freedom to say anything without consequences.

I can understand someone hating the people of another country because they dropped bombs on her country when she was a small girl. But her country was dropping bombs on their country.

What the British bombers did to Cologne, the closest German city to England.

Freedom of speech is the most abused freedom. Suppressing the truth has been the real purpose of hate speech laws.

Censorbook has created a tyrannic rule over the web.

“You can’t separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom.” Malcolm x

“While the State exists, there can be no freedom. When there is freedom there will be no State.” Lenin

“Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you’re a man, you take it” Malcolm X

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